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  • Book: A Witness of Miracles
  • Author: Esperanza Rivera
  • Number of pages: 202
  • E-book file-sizes: 2.42 – 8.32 Mb

This Story is about a series of life events I witnessed; normal and ordinary or perhaps not. Mainly the story of an infant, a child; a beautiful young woman that she became and her life, though short, full of courage, resolve and full of joy for life and always pushing the envelope to LIVE to her fullest. Was her life full of Miracles or was it just an ordinary life? Labor Day, Monday September 4, 2006. “Go home mom, go home and rest; it is going to be a very long and hard day today. Bye, bye mom,” she motioned with her tiny hand; and with a beautiful smile on her face, she said good bye, as I reluctantly, left her hospital room. I knew I had to hurry back. I just didn’t know it would be that fast. Did she know and understood what was going on? Why didn’t she want me there? Why did I listen to her; why did I leave her alone? Journey with me, my story, my pain, and her pain our happiness and my soul searching for answers.–This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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