Agonies of Kenyan Youth: Agonies of the Youth ebook downloads

Agonies of Kenyan Youth: Agonies of the Youth ebook downloads

  • Book: Agonies of Kenyan Youth: Agonies of the Youth
  • Author: Mr G. Dickens
  • Number of pages: 46
  • E-book file-sizes: 0.55 – 1.89 Mb

, I am inspired by the shares of agonies and experiences of generation Y. For a moment, it is hard to believe the tales I was told by my dear parents and teachers when I was growing. Over a period, long time ago, I was programmed to believe in the idea that education was the key that could open up all the doors. In this regard, I concentrated in my education to attain the best results that could open up the doors to a potential future little did I know that there is a monster in the industrial and corporate world called experience. This monster has completely devastated me since I graduated from the university. However, I do not feel so bad about it because of the consolation that I am not alone in the hustling field. Nevertheless, one question always lingers in my heart, “is it the system of education or generation Y that is erred?” in a bid to answer this question, I have tried to develop myself by joining the trend laid down by fellow teens. The agony of the Kenyan youth covers the lives, experiences and agonies of the Kenyan youth. The article portrays the dreams, sacrifices and made by the youth in their quest for financial freedom. In this long journey of financial liberation, some Kenyan youths have been liberated through their innovation and invention techniques. However, some have fallen to the traps of bribery on imaginary jobs. Notably, the internet has rescued significant numbers by providing jobs. However, the internet too has provided shortfalls for the mass because of the rise in the number of predators. I borrow a word from my friend, “man must live” regardless of the agonies. The internet is a hub for all sorts of jobs and it is high time that the youths and the unemployed wake up to this reality. There are jobs that suit all professions that are available for either full timers or part timers. And this is an exciting course for the knowledgeable individuals. As the saying goes, in order to find the right person/job one has to search and find the right place where they are best located. However, the scenario is different with the internet because one has the right to chose from the available range of jobs that are readily available. I say all these because I have taken to the initiative of doing internet jobs I have not been able to find employment opportunities in cooperate world. I have since taken to online research and academic writing. I urge all fellow college and university graduates to consider the option of undertaking internet jobs because they are well paying and are worth investing in.Read more Read less

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