Chasing Norie (Stones Creek) (Volume 2)

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  • Book: Chasing Norie (Stones Creek) (Volume 2)
  • Author: Sophie Dawson
  • Number of pages: 278
  • E-book file-sizes: 3.34 – 11.49 Mb

From Award Winning Author Sophie Dawson Stones Creek: A New Series The Civil War has been over for two years. Two young women step off the train in Stones Creek, Colorado at the same time. One is returning to the family and ranch she loves, the other starting a new life leaving the memories which haunt her behind. *Norie is finally back on the Colorado ranch she loves. She had spent the Civil War years in Indiana going to school. Norie is anxious to get back on her horse and gallop across the range. Skilled, smart and independent, there’s nothing she thinks is out of reach. *Linc, her father’s ranch foreman, has a different view of things. There are just certain things that a girl shouldn’t do; ride unrideable horses, shoot and throw knives better than a man. He doesn’t understand his boss’s pride in her since her antics scare him spit-less. *Sparks tend to fly when the two are together. Doesn’t she understand he’s only trying to keep her safe? Will her father object to his growing attraction to her? Why can’t Linc accept her for who she is and why does he have to be so handsome? Will God show them how to understand their differences? Scroll up and grab a copy today.Read more Read less

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