Download Creepy Archives Volume 13 ebook

Download e-book Creepy Archives Volume 13

  • Book: Creepy Archives Volume 13
  • Author: Various, Philip Simon
  • Number of pages: 256
  • E-book file-sizes: 3.07 – 10.56 Mb

Includes classic tales by Bernie Wrightson, Bruce Jones, John Severin, and more, as the esteemed horror magazine hits another fruitful period of frightful delights in the mid-seventies! Collecting the classic Creepy magazines #60 through #63, Creepy Archives Volume 13 includes several color pieces by Richard Corben, Sanjulian, and Ken Kelly – with black-and-white stories throughout by Tom Sutton, Jose Bea, Bill DuBay, Jose Gual, and many others. This archival collection is a perfect repast for those starving for a ferociously macabre feast and features a foreword by Howard Chaykin and an afterword by Michael T. Gilbert!

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