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  • Book: Return of the Dapper Men
  • Author: Jim McCann, Janet Lee, Tim Gunn
  • Number of pages: 128
  • E-book file-sizes: 1.54 – 5.3 Mb

Return of the Dapper Men garnered 5 Eisner nominations and received the Best Graphic Album award in 2011.Welcome to Anorev, a land that has no concept or understanding of time because time itself has ceased to exist. A world where children have never grown up, machines have forgotten if they were built by humans or if they built humans themselves, and all clocks have been stopped at the same time since time itself stopped. This has been the way of things for longer than anyone can remember, until 314 dapper-looking gentlemen rain down from the sky to start the world anew.Now Ayden, the only boy to still ask questions; Zoe, the robot girl all other machines hold dear; and the Dapper Man known only as “41” must repair whatever it was that caused time to stop, understand their true place in this world, and learn what “tomorrow” really means. But destiny is not always easy and choices must be made that will decide the fate of this land. The sun is setting for the first time in memory, and once that happens, everything changes!The Return of the Dapper Men is a visually stunning fairy tale that combines steampunk with fantasy and science fiction with Renaissance style, brought to life from the minds of award-winning playwright and comic book writer Jim McCann (Marvel’s Hawkeye & Mockingbird) and critically acclaimed visual artist Janet Lee. Together they have created a world where J.M. Barrie, Lewis Carrol, and Maurice Sendak meet Jim Henson and Tim Burton. All sharply dressed in a pin-stripe suit and a dapper bowler hat.

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