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  • Book: “The Jesus Lecture”
  • Author: John Eric Jacobsen
  • Number of pages: 80
  • E-book file-sizes: 0.96 – 3.3 Mb

The Jesus Lecture is an insightful book based around a true story. For three consecutive nights I had a recurring dream that I attended a live lecture given by Jesus on stage at my old Alma Mater. The dream was so real, vivid and compelling, I wrote down all the ideas and concepts that Jesus discussed. In less than 12,000 words the book contains renewed wisdom and nine contemporary insights designed to help the reader deal with life’s challenges thru the persona of Jesus. This book is truly unique in the fact that the Jesus Lecture does not “sell hope.” Instead it delivers a long over-due common sense approach to spirituality utilizing the lost art of critical thinking. It severely rips apart dogma and doctrine utilizing a Jesus persona that’s quite different from traditional Jesus many of us have learned about. This Jesus is funny, positive, negative, judgmental, preachy, sincere, passionate, inspiring, friendly and loving simultaneously. Most of all he is relatable and he smiles. Regardless of the reader’s religious or spiritual philosophies, the Jesus Lecture speaks to the heart. It’s remarkably inspirational, full of tough-love and distinctive. This book is a “Must-Read!”

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