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  • Book: The TRUE You
  • Author: Erica Rock, Sven Geier, Elizabeth Zoller
  • Number of pages: 202
  • E-book file-sizes: 2.42 – 8.32 Mb

People from all over the world are initiating their Enlightenment by reading The TRUE You! Erica Rock’s new book, The TRUE You ignites your inner Divine light, taps you into Source energy and gets you on the road to self mastery. This journey is a path of EASE and simplicity. The TRUE You teaches you how to connect with the Divine within, what to expect as your Authentic self is revealed and how to allow this process to be EASY and delicious! Your consciousness will expand and you will wake up finding your life is somehow easier, you are in the flow and you haven’t “worked” on a thing! You will receive Grace Blessings through reading this book, which initiates your enlightenment and awakening process. This occurs by gazing at the Grace infused art that is found inside. This book is meant to be read time and again, as each read expands your consciousness further, assisting you in letting in even more of the good that is trying to come to you! All of your hearts true desires can and will be fulfilled as you read The TRUE You. You can live a life of ease, flow, joy, abundance, health, vitality and overflowing creative expression! You will find yourself so tapped into the Divine that you are no longer knocked off your center by outer people, events and circumstances. You learn to master your mind and emotions and become free of seeking, suffering and move into living you life full out as the TRUE You!

The E-Book The TRUE You by Erica Rock, Sven Geier, Elizabeth Zoller is available at the next formats: fb2, pdf, mobi.


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