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  • Book: Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology
  • Author: Edward M., Jr. Gilbert, Patricia Gilbert, Larry Woodward, Dan Sayers
  • Number of pages: 832
  • E-book file-sizes: 9.98 – 34.33 Mb

Interpreting the language of dog fanciers and Breed StandardsHave you ever been stumped trying to understand what a judge, breeder or dog fancier is saying about a dog? Or been utterly confused when reading a Breed Standard? What is meant by butterfly nose, fish hook front or crabbing? Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology to the rescue! Veteran AKC judges and breeders Ed Gilbert and his wife Pat Gilbert have pulled together every conceivable term applied to dogs to aid experts and amateurs alike to help all understand and correctly use the language of the sport. Ten years in the writing and richly illustrated with drawings by artist and purebred dog breeder, Dan Sayers, the Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology is an exhaustive reference tool for dog fanciers for generations to come. And weighing in at 4 pounds with over 800 pages you will have a lot of information at your fingertips!You will learnThat the language and terminology of Breed Standards vary almost as much as the breeds they are describing. Thus the confusion over words like wrist, carpals and front pasterns. Why some terms may be viewed as positive for some dogs but negative for others based on the original purpose of the breed.About the large number of slang words and nicknames that you might be more apt to hear around the show ring than read in a book.Many commonly used terms and phrases that are not technically or grammatically accurate, but if the words appear in an official Breed Standard, they are correct.Read more Read less

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