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  • Book: Marketing Analytics Roadmap: Methods, Metrics, and Tools
  • Author: Jerry Rackley
  • Number of pages: 168
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Many managers view marketing as a creative endeavor, not something that is measurable or manageable by numbers. But today’s leaders in the C-suite demand greater accountability. They want to know that they are getting a return on their marketing investment. And to get that ROI number, you need analytics. This expectation is intimidating for the many sales and marketing managers who rely on marketing instincts, not metrics, to do their work. But Marketing Analytics Roadmap: Methods, Metrics, and Tools demonstrates that employing analytics isn’t just a way to keep the CEO off your back. It improves marketing results and ensures marketers a seat at the table where big decisions get made.In this book, analytics expert Jerry Rackley shows you how to understand and implement a sound marketing analytics process that helps eliminate the guesswork about the results produced by your marketing efforts. The result? You will acquire—and keep—more customers. Even better, you’ll find that an analytics process helps the entire organization make better decisions, and not just marketers.Marketing Analytics Roadmap explains:How to use analytics to create marketing and sales metrics that guide your actions and provide valuable feedback on your effortsHow to structure and use dashboards to report marketing resultsHow to put industry-leading analytics software and other tools to good useHow Big Data is shaping the marketing analytics landscapeSales and marketing teams that master marketing analytics will find them a powerful servant that enables agility, raises effectiveness, and creates confidence. Marketing Analytics Roadmap shows you how to build a well-planned and executed marketing analytics strategy that will enhance the credibility of your marketing team and help you not only get a seat at the big-decisions table, but keep it once there.What you’ll learnHow a marketing analytics process helps you get and keep more customers How to foster the type of culture in which marketing analytics thrivesHow to implement every aspect of the analytics process: people, objectives, methods, and toolsHow to create metrics that reflect the organization’s most strategic sales and marketing goalsHow to perform Big Data analytics How to tell the rest of the organization with authority and conviction exactly what kind of impact you’re having, and what kind of results you’re creatingWho this book is for Marketing and sales professionals, chief marketing officers, VPs of marketing and VPs of sales and the executives that manage them; marketing students. Table of ContentsWhy You Need AnalyticsThe Marketing Analytics Landscape: Facts, Attitudes, and ChallengesThe Impact of Analytics: Show me the MoneyThe Marketing Analytics Process: Lather, Rinse, RepeatGetting Started with Analytics: Ready, Set, GoReturn on Investment: The Ultimate MetricDashboards: The Theory of EvolutionAnalytics Tools and TechnologiesBecoming Data Driven: Weaving Analytics into MarketingThe Marketing Analytics Frontier: Big Data, Attribution, and More

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