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  • Book: Miraculous Moments
  • Author: True Stories Affirming that Life Goes On
  • Number of pages: 312
  • E-book file-sizes: 3.74 – 12.87 Mb

Does life continue after death? Will we ever be reunited with loved ones? Does love ever die?Heartfelt testimony to the eternal nature of the human spirit can be found in this collection of eighty-eight true stories from people who have seen, heard, and felt love from their family, friends, and acquaintances in spirit. The author, a hospice nurse, shares the wisdom she has gained from nearly twenty years of working with the dying and bereaved. Told with courage and warmth, these vivid firsthand accounts—of receiving signs, messages, and even hugs from family members who have crossed over; encounters with angels; near-death experiences; and visits from the spirits of beloved pets—offer hope, reassurance, and comfort to anyone who is mourning a lost loved one or has ever wondered if life goes on.”Miraculous Moments will help many who need reassurance that life is a circle and the best is yet to come.”—LOUIS E. LAGRAND, PH.D., CT, BEREAVEMENT COUNSELOR, AUTHOR OF LOVE LIVES ON AND MESSAGES AND MIRACLES”The personal stories are well written and sincere. Very compelling.”—ROBERT D. LESSLE, MD, AUTHOR OF ANGELS IN THE ER”Miraculous Moments is such a beautiful and easy read, but one that asks you to sit quietly, to breathe in the Spirit of each encounter with God and then to meditate on its message for a good long while. This is not a book that one reads only once, or all at once, but rather one that draws us back, time and again, for the nourishment it offers through each and every story. The all powerful, all loving, infinite Creator of the Universe makes His presence known in the most simple and exquisite ways, over and over again throughout Miraculous Moments. He remains gently hidden in a flower, a chance meeting, a beautiful sunset and the heartfelt language of love, spoken between friends.”—TRUDY HARRIS, RN, AUTHOR OF GLIMPSES OF HEAVEN: TRUE STORIES OF HOPE AND PEACE AT THE END OF LIFE’S JOURNEY”Not only does this book offer hope and consolation for the grieving, it provokes thought on the finality of death as society generally views it.”—LIBRARY JOURNAL

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