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  • Book: Pleasure’s Edge
  • Author: Eve Berlin
  • Number of pages: 304
  • E-book file-sizes: 3.65 – 12.56 Mb

From the author of The Dark Garden (written under the name Eden Bradley)A sensual new novel of losing control-and finding the ultimate pleasure. For beautiful erotica author Dylan Ivory, being in control is everything. Then she meets the man who is everything she is not…and everything she wants.Alec Walker writes dark psychological thrillers-and he lives for thrills. His tastes extend into the bedroom as well, where he lets no rules bind his desires. The only thing he fears is true love…While researching a book, Dylan interviews Alec-and longs to taste the temptation he offers. But he’s a self-proclaimed dominant and she refuses to surrender control. Slowly, Alec shows her that by letting go and submitting to his every desire she can experience the ultimate pleasure. But to keep the woman who for the first time brings him to his knees, can Alec take the ultimate risk and surrender his heart?

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