Sweet Memories (Spencer, Lavyrle) ebook downloads

Sweet Memories (Spencer, Lavyrle) e-book downloads

  • Book: Sweet Memories (Spencer, Lavyrle)
  • Author: Lavyrle Spencer
  • Number of pages: 464
  • E-book file-sizes: 5.57 – 19.16 Mb

The classic story of a love too long denied. Theresa As innocent as she was unsure, Theresa Brubaker had lived much of her twenty-five years trapped in a body she loathed. Her precious beauty was treasured by everyone but herself — until a very special man showed her a very special love. Brian Proud, sensitive, caring, Brian Scanlon sought to unleash the butterfly wrapped in Theresa’s cocoon of inhibitions. But trust for Theresa came haltingly . . . and a bold, courageous decision she makes alone nearly destroys the promise of their love. Sweet Memories A story of passion. A story of pain. A story that will make you laugh — and cry — as it brings warmth and magic into your heart. Sweet Memories is a classic love story to savor . . . and one you will never forget.Read more Read less

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