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  • Book: Victoria’s Run
  • Author: Cheryl Holdefer
  • Number of pages: 214
  • E-book file-sizes: 2.57 – 8.84 Mb

Like many single parents, Victoria Richards has to deal with the details of everyday life—raising two children, working and paying bills, managing a home— even as she contemplates realizing her dream to compete in the Olympic Marathon. An unexpected love interest surfaces, and she dares to fall in love completely. When the path to her dreams is suddenly obstructed by misfortune, Victoria is crushed. She is invited to Puerto Rico to organize a major race, and in doing so, she hopes to overcome the difficulties she has encountered and begin her life again. In a surprise ending, Victoria is faced with some complex decisions to make, and she finds strength and renewed resolve from the power of a dream. Set against the backdrop of two beautiful countries, Denmark and Puerto Rico, Cheryl Holdefer delivers an emotional story of love, loss, courage, and determination. Her book is an affirmation of not setting limits to what can be achieved.

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